Rocket League

Fri 9 Dec, 9:00 AM NZT

Wairarapa Primary/Intermediate Rocket League Playoffs

The tournament has been cancelled

  • PlatformX-Play

  • GameRocket League

  • Game Mode3v3 Rocket League 3v3 - Grow Waitech

  • Tournament Start9:00 AM, Fri 9th Dec 2022 NZT

  • Check-In Time8:45 AM, Fri 9th Dec 2022 NZT

  • Prize0 VP

  • Teams0

Rocket League Rules and Regulations Grow WaiTech Rocket League Tournament rules and regulations. Grow WaiTech Rocket league is held between schools in the Wairarapa region. Teams must register to enter the tournament as a representative of their school or institute. This tournament is NZEsports registered as such all members full under the Code of Conduct and regulations of the NZEsports https://www.esf.nz/code-of-conduct/, as well as the Code of Conduct or similar set of values, rules and standards set by the school or institute they represent. This tournament is operated by Victory Up.


All teams must register to enter this tournament.

1.1 Eligibility

Available to all Primary and intermediate students from the Wairarapa region.

Players register through their teacher or school.

1.2 Team

•Teams are required to have 3 students at a minimum.

•Teams may also have substitutions for each team.

•There are no restrictions on how many teams a school can register.

1.2.1 Supervision

All teams in the WaiTech Rocket League Tournament must be under the supervision of a staff member of the school or institute they attend. Schools may appoint a non-Staff member, i.e., Parent, etc., at their own discretion. In this scenario, the school must have a School Staff member liaison.

The coach/manager is responsible to the school for the welfare and behaviour of those students and ensures the students are meeting the standards and code of conduct that is attached to the school or institute they represent.

To register as a coach, you must be a teacher, staff member or parent of a student from the institute or school your team represents, and meet the following criteria:

•There should be a teacher or staff member as either the team manager or team coach.

•The school can appoint a coach or manager from outside of the school, at their discretion.

2.Rocket League

2.1 Rocket League Epic games account

To play Rocket League, players will need an Epic Games account which you can sign up for free here- https://www.epicgames.com/id/l...

You will be prompted to sign in when you download the game.

2.1.1 Account name

When students enter their account name for their Epic Games account and display name, they must adhere to the school/ Institute code of conduct you attend. You must also abide by Victory Ups and the NZEsports code of conduct.

Grow WaiTech will not tolerate offensive, derogatory, or distasteful language when students create their accounts. If you think your current account name will not be tolerated by the admin and officials, you should change it before submitting your account name when you sign up for this League.

2.1.2 Personal account but representing the school.

Students will compete and train on their own personal accounts but while playing in the Grow WaiTech Tournament students must remember that they are representing their school. Students must conduct themselves in accordance with their own school’s rules and code of conduct.

3. Format

3.1 Round Robin

Round Robin pool play. The size and number of pools depend on the number of entries.

Each team will be placed in a pool where they will play against every other team in that pool.

3.2 Playoffs

Once pool play is complete, the highest points scoring teams will be seeded and placed in a single elimination bracket. Teams will compete until 2 teams are left to compete for the finals and the winner will be named Champion of the Grow WaiTech Rocket League Tournament.

More information about the playoffs and finals will be released closer to the end of the tournament.

4. Match Day

Matches will be best out of 3 at 5 minutes per game.

4.1 Schedule

The draw for the Victory Up Grow WaiTech Tournament will be released prior to the competition beginning.

4.1.1 Schedule changes

Rescheduling of matches must take place 48 hours before the match is to take place.

Teachers from the school who wishes to reschedule will contact the opposition school and agree on a date for the match to occur.

If the two schools cannot agree on a date to reschedule, the team who initiates the reschedule will default the match and the points will be awarded to the opposition for that match.

4.2 Pre-Match Set Up

4.2.1 Online

All matches played online will be run through the Victory Up website http://www.victory-up.com/

4.2.2 Login

The team captain will sign into the Victory Up website. Teams must check in to the league page on the Victory Up website no later than 30 minutes before the match starts.

4.2.3 Home team/ Opponent

Team Captains must stay in contact with the opponent right up to the match start time.

The Home team will be the team on the left-hand side of the schedule. The Home team is required to set up the match and invite their opponents.

4.2.4 Game Settings

Create a match by going to ‘Play’, then ‘Create Private match’. The Team setting up the match is to use the following settings:

Custom game options settings:

• Game Mode- Soccar

• Arena- DFH Stadium (Day)

• Team Size- 3v3

• BOT difficulty- No BOTS

• Region- Oceania

• Joinable- Name/ Password

All Mutator settings must be set to Default besides the following:

• Match Length: 5 minutes

• Series Length: 3 games

4.2.5 Lobby name and Password

The ‘Home’ team will then provide their opponents with the lobby name and password. On the Platform where you check in, there is a ‘Match Chat’ where you can talk to your opposition. Post the lobby name and password here so your opponent can see it.

If you are waiting for the lobby to be created please keep an eye on the ‘Match Chat’ function on the platform. The match can begin as soon as the lobby is created.

4.2.6 Restrictions on Gameplay Elements

Restrictions may be added at any time before or during a match if there are known bugs with any items, mutators, skins, or for any other reason as determined at the discretion of tournament admins.

All skins/ mutators are available until told otherwise.

4.2.7 Spectator Slot

Only administrators, teachers or parents are allowed in the spectator slot.

If a team has a substitute, they may join the spectator slot but cannot sub into the match until a round is finished.

4.2.8 Wildcard Rule

If teams wish to agree to 2v2, 2v3 or to start the match earlier than the scheduled time they may do so at the agreement of both teams.

4.3 Start of Match.

4.3.1 Online

Once setup is complete it is time to begin the match. All matches must start at the allotted start time given to each match.

The match must only be started once both teams have joined the lobby.

The match will start once any player selects a team, so please make sure every player is in the lobby before selecting your side.

4.3.2 Location

All students/ players, when playing online, will do so from their school grounds, nominated location or from home. It is the responsibility of the schools themselves to provide a location capable of allowing students to compete if they wish for the students to play from school.

Live venues will fall under a different ruleset concerning certain factors of this ruleset.

5. During Match

Once the match begins, teams and officials fall under NZEsports code of conduct. Teams must also abide by their school codes of conduct and rules and the rules of this document.

5.1 Stoppage of Play

You cannot pause a game of Rocket League. If one of the following happens the match may be restarted depending on how far the match has progressed.

If a problem occurs, all team members must stop playing, indicating to the opponents that a problem has happened.

Message the problem to your opposition using the ‘Match Chat’ function on the www.Victory-up.com platform and contact admin immediately.

5.1.2 An Unintentional Disconnection

• A hardware or software malfunction (e.g., monitor power or peripheral disability or game glitch).

• Player illness or injury during the match must be reported to admin. The decision will be made whether to continue the match or to restart the match with a substitute.

• If both teams agree to finish the match in a handicap situation i.e., 2v3… then they can do so but must screenshot the agreement and inform Victory Up support [email protected]

5.1.3 Restart the Match

Both teams may restart the match if any of the following occurs:

• Lag or connection issues creating an unplayable match

• Both teams have players disconnect within the first minute of the match.

• At the agreement of both teams due to another unforeseen issue

5.1.4 Resuming the Game.

If the match must continue after an unintentional disconnection, then both teams must be ready before the match is restarted.

5.1.5 Substitutions

Teams may make substitutions between rounds but not while the match is underway. The match must be finished before you sub another player in before the start of the next match.

5.2 Method of Victory

Victory is achieved according to the standard rules of the standard non-ranked mode. Method of victory include:

• The team with the most goals after 5 minutes has expired, wins.

• If teams are tied, they will play golden goal overtime.

• If a team leaves the match and does not return the win will be awarded to the remaining team.

6. Results

Results will also be posted on the Victory Up website as part of the tournament ladder. All results, with the new ladder standings, will be uploaded no later than 48 Hours after Match Day.

Any team/ player found to have entered the wrong results on purpose may result in disciplinary action.

6.1 Online Match Results

Victory Up will record results and match outcomes through their website www.Victory Up.com

Entering Results (One per team)

• Select the game you just played in ‘My Tournaments”.

• Select win or loss.

• Send a screenshot by clicking on ‘select file’.

• Start the next match if required or select submit results.

6.2 Types of Matches/ Points scoring

Best out of one

The points system for the best out of one game to make up the match. Teams will earn points in the following manner:

• The winning team will be awarded 3 points.

• The losing team will be awarded 0 points.

Best out of three

The Points system is based on the best out of three games to make up the match. Teams will earn points in the following manner:

• The winning team, which is the team that wins two out of the three games, will be awarded 3 points.

• The losing team will receive either 1 point or 0 points.

• For the losing team to be awarded one point, they must force the third game in the match. The third game only happens if neither team manages to win the first two games.

7. Player/ Team Conduct

All participants in Grow WaiTech Tournament must abide by Victory Up’s and NZEsports Code of Conduct as well as the Code of Conduct and Rules and regulations of the institute the participant is representing. This may also include regional Sports Bodies Regulations and Codes of Conduct.

All actions that are deemed as cheating should be recorded or clipped by the opposing team to provide evidence of foul play. Victory Up will review all reports of foul play and video evidence will make the process easier to judge.

At Live venues, there may be ‘House Rules’ that players/teams must abide by. Players and teams must follow these rules unless it means any player/team employs one of the actions stated in 9.1 Competition Conduct or 9.2 Profanity Hate Speech of this handbook.

7.1 Competition Conduct

7.1.1 Unfair Play

The following actions will be considered unfair play and will be subject to penalties at the discretion of Victory Up and may result in default for the offending team. Collusion

Collusion is defined as any agreement among two (2) or more players and/or confederates to disadvantage opposing players. Collusion includes, but is not limited to, acts such as:

• Soft play, which is defined as any agreement among two (2) or more players to not damage, impede or otherwise play to a reasonable standard of competition in a game.

• Sending or receiving signals, electronic or otherwise, from a confederate to/from a player.

• Deliberately losing a game for compensation, or any other reason, or attempting to induce another player to do so. Competitive Integrity

Teams are always expected to play at their best within any league game, and to avoid any behaviour inconsistent with the principles of good sportsmanship, honesty, or fair play. Hacking.

Hacking is defined as any modification of a game client by any player, team or person acting on behalf of a player or a team. Exploiting

Exploiting is defined as intentionally using any in-game bug to seek an advantage. Exploiting includes, but is not limited to, acts such as glitches in buying items, glitches in neutral minion interactions, glitches in performance, and glitches in game speed, which in the sole determination of Victory Up officials, is not functioning as intended. Spectator Monitors

Looking at or attempting to look at spectator monitors. Including ‘stream sniping’ or relaying information by way of watching a player’s live stream and relaying that information to a team to give the team an advantage. Ringing

Playing under another player’s account or soliciting, inducing, encouraging, or directing someone else to play under another player’s account in any game title of Victory Up NZ Cheating Methods

The use of any kind of cheating device and/or cheat program, or any similar cheating method such as signalling devices, hand signals, etc. Intentional Disconnection

An intentional disconnection without a proper and explicitly stated reason. Other forms of Conduct and Cheating

Victory Up withholds the right to update the Player Conduct Rules as they see fit. Any forms that breach player conduct or are considered an action deemed as cheating that is not present in this Handbook, Victory Up will review the breach or action, and apply penalties and sanctions befitting the violation or breach.

7.2 Profanity and Hate Speech

No member of a Victory Up tournament or League may not use language that is obscene, foul, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, libellous, slanderous, defamatory, or otherwise offensive or objectionable; or promote or incite hatred or discriminatory conduct, in or near the match area, at any time. A Team Member may not use any facilities, services or equipment provided or made available by the league or its contractors to post, transmit, disseminate, or otherwise make available any such prohibited communications. A Team Member may not use this type of language on social media or during any public-facing events such as streaming.

Using profanity, hate speech or threats may result in a match being defaulted by the offending team and the offender/s being reported to the institutions they attend.

8. Cheating or Violation of Rules or Breach of Conduct Policy

Victory Up penalties and sanctions for any breach or violation of the Player Conduct.

8.1 Penalties for Players/ Teams breaching Player Conduct and Misconduct Complaints

If a player/team is found in breach of the Player/ Team Conduct rules found in section 9 of this ruleset, they will receive penalties or sanctions by the following means, depending on the severity of the breach:

a) A verbal warning by admin. The warning will be immediate if possible.

b) A written warning to the player/ offender.

c) All warnings work on a three-strikes rule. If a player or team receives three warnings during the season, they will receive a sanction which may include a possible loss of whichever match the third offence happened during.

d) Referral to a Misconduct/ Disputes Panel

8.1.1 Suspecting a breach or violation of conduct.

If a team suspects a breach of conduct, they must continue the match and record, screenshot and gather any evidence possible until the match is finished. They can then lodge a Misconduct Complaint with Victory Up and include all evidence gathered with match time and date.

Victory Up will follow the procedures outlined in the Misconduct Complaint policy.

8.2 Live LAN Event

Live officials can pause matches and present penalties on the spot in alignment with the High School Esports League NZ player conduct rules, found in section 9 of the High School Esports NZ League Handbook.

Live officials must also follow the ‘House Rules’ of the live venue as long as they don’t breach the Handbook Player Conduct Rules.

Teams should notify match officials if the breach of conduct was not detected by the officials themselves.

a) A verbal warning by officials to the player.

b) A warning referred to the coach of the team that has breached the conduct if possible.

c) Stoppage of Match. If the official stops the match for breach of conduct, a discussion will occur between all officials of the match and determine the outcome/ ruling on the match.

• whether the match continues with a verbal warning or;

• the breach was severe enough for a team to receive a match sanction, where the opponent will be declared the winner.

d) Once the discussion is finished the Officials will gather the players/ Teams’ coaches to inform them what the breach was and the outcome of the official’s discussion. An announcement will then be made to all involved and present.

e) All match sanctions that involve a team losing a match by a breach of conduct will be referred to a Misconduct/ Disputes Panel, for further review. This may or may not affect the outcome of the tournament/ Match.

f) Teams/ Players can also dispute decisions by Victory Up’s Misconduct Complaints Policy.

8.3 Misconduct Complaints Policy

For all misconduct complaints and match result disputes, Victory Up will follow the procedures and penalties stated in the Misconduct Complaints Policy- https://www.nzssesports.co.nz/...

Please send all misconduct complaints and disputes to [email protected] with the subject line, Complaint-School Name

9. Rocket League equipment requirements-

• 1x PS4 or Xbox one. (PS4 and Xbox One versions of Rocket League are available on the next-gen consoles)

• 1 x Controller,

• 1 x Headset,

• 1 x copy of Rocket League (Free)

• 1x PC,

• 1 x Headset,

• 1x mouse,

• 1 x keyboard,

• 1 x copy of Rocket League (Free)

PC Minimum Requirements:

• OS: Windows 7 (64 bit) or Newer (64 bit) Windows OS

• Processor: 2.5 GHz Dual core

• Memory: 4 GB RAM

• Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 760, AMD Radeon R7 270X, or better

• DirectX: Version 11

• Network: Broadband Internet connection

• Storage: 20 GB available space

How to join tournament?

  1. Log in or sign up by selecting Profile from the menu bar or clicking on the profile image in the top right corner of the website.
  2. Once logged in, select Tournaments from the side menu
  3. Select the tournament you would like to compete in and select join tournament once reading over the tournament details
  4. Get ready to check in and compete once the match time starts

How to join as a team?

  1. One team member creates a team on the Victory Up platform. That team member will be the team captain.
  2. Team Captain then invites all team members to the team.
  3. All Players must tick the free agent box in their profile so team captain can invite them to the team.
  4. Team captain joins tournament on behalf of the team.
  5. Team captain selects players from team who will participate in tournament.
  6. If there is an entry fee, the team captain selects the amount each team member will contribute to the fee or will pay the fee themselves.
  7. Once team members and fee are chosen, select Join Tournament and you team will be entered.

How to get VP?

1. Log in to your account

2. Select Profile

3. Select the VP icon at the top of the profile menu.

4. Select Victory Points

5. Enter the amount of Victory Points you need and select Top Up

6. You will need a PayPal account.

The brackets are unavailable as the tournament has been cancelled.