Rocket League

Thu 22 Sep, 12:00 PM NZT

HSESL Nationals - Rocket League - Round 2 Double Elimination - 2nd Chance Bracket (Match 2 of 2) - Rutherford College Prem 4 vs Rutherford College Prem 5

  • PlatformX-Play

  • GameRocket League

  • Game Mode3v3 NZ HSESL 2022 - Rocket League

  • Tournament Start12:00 PM, Thu 22nd Sep 2022 NZT

  • Check-In Time12:00 PM, Thu 22nd Sep 2022 NZT

  • Prize0 VP

  • Teams2

For the complete NZ HSESL Rocket League 2022 rulebook please click below:

Rocket League NZ HSESL 2022 Ruleset

Home team/ Opponent

Team Captains must stay in contact with the opponent right up to the match start time. The ‘home’ team is the team stated as ‘Home’ on the tournament schedule. The Home team is required to set up the match and invite their opponents.

Game Settings

Create a match by going to ‘Play’, then ‘Create Private match’. Team setting up match is to use the following settings:

Custom game options settings:

  • Game Mode- Soccar
  • Arena- DFH Stadium (Day)
  • Team Size- 3v3
  • BOT difficulty- No BOTS
  • Region- Oceania
  • Joinable- Name/ Password

All Mutator settings must be set to Default.

Lobby name and Password

The ‘Home’ team will then provide their opponents with the lobby name and password. On the Platform where you check-in there is a ‘Match Chat’ where you can talk to your opposition. Post the lobby name and password here so your opponent can see it.

If you are waiting for the lobby to be created please keep an eye on the ‘Match Chat’ function on the platform. The match can begin as soon as the lobby is created.

Restrictions on Gameplay Elements

Restrictions may be added at any time before or during a match if there are known bugs with any items, champions, skins, runes, masteries, Summoner spells, or for any other reason as determined at the discretion of tournament admins.

Spectator Slot

Teams are allowed one spectator per team with an exception for streamed games where we will require all slots for our stream.

Wildcard Rule

If teams wish to agree to 2v2, 2v3 or start the match earlier than the scheduled time they may do so at the agreement of both teams.


Rutherford College - Prem 4 RL
Rutherford College - Prem 5 RL