League of Legends

Sun 18 Sep, 12:00 PM NZT

HSESL Nationals - League of Legends - Round 2 Double Elimination 2nd Chance bracket (Match 1 of 2) - Botany Downs EXE vs Rangitoto wlwl

  • PlatformPC

  • GameLeague of Legends

  • Game Mode5v5 NZ HSESL - Summoners Rift

  • Tournament Start12:00 PM, Sun 18th Sep 2022 NZT

  • Check-In Time12:00 PM, Sun 18th Sep 2022 NZT

  • Prize0 VP

  • Teams2

For the complete NZ HSESL League of Legends 2022 rulebook please click below:

NZ HSESL - League of Legends 2022 Rulebook

Home team/ Opponent

Team Captains must stay in contact with the opponent right up to the match start time. The ‘home’ team is the team stated as ‘Home’ on the tournament schedule. The Home team is required to set up the match and invite their opponents.

Tournament Code (during regular season)

Each match will be provided a tournament code. Teams will find the tournament code in the ‘Match Chat’ of each match on the NZSSE platform. Home team is to use this tournament code to setup match and both teams must use the code to join the match.

Game Settings League of Legends

Game settings will be set as follows:

Division 1

  • Map: Summoners Rift 
  • Team Size: 5
  • Allow Spectators: All 
  • Game Type: Tournament Draft

Division 2

  • Map: Summoners Rift 
  • Team Size: 5
  • Allow Spectators: All 
  • Game Type: Normal Draft (Blind Pick)

Spectator Slot

Team coaches and Victory Up officials require a slot for spectating when the home team sets up the match. If the Spectator slot has not been set up by the home team, the match may be restarted, regardless of how far the match has progressed.

Banned Champions

Champions that have not been available on the live server for more than one (1) week are restricted from tournament play, Including reworked champions. Visual reworked champions are not affected by this rule.


Botany Downs Secondary College - EXE
Rangitoto College - wlwl