Te Pae o Tū

Fri 4 Mar, 7:30 PM NZT

Te Pae o Tu

The tournament has been cancelled

Joining Details
  • PlatformX-Play

  • GameTe Pae o Tū

  • Game Mode3v3 TPOT Ruleset

  • Registration Open12:00 PM, Sun 20th Feb 2022 NZT

  • Registration Close7:00 PM, Fri 4th Mar 2022 NZT

  • Tournament Start7:30 PM, Fri 4th Mar 2022 NZT

  • Check-In Time7:15 PM, Fri 4th Mar 2022 NZT

  • Entry FeeFree

  • Prize0 VP

  • Min Teams10

  • Max Teams40

  • Current Teams4

Te Pae o Tū Apex Tournament Official Rules 



Te Pae o Tū is governed by these Official Rules (“Official Rules”). 

Te Pae o Tū (TPOT) is a series of video game competitions conducted using Apex Legends (“Game”)  for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S via backwards compatibility and Nintendo Switch (“Supported Platforms”).  

Season 1 of each regional Pro League Regular Season (“Regular Season”) consists of up to  forty (40)  Teams: 

  • Fourty (40) registered

Te Pae o Tū concludes with the Te Pae o Tū (“Championship”), which consists of: 

  • Teams who qualify through Playoff Points (described in Section 3.6.2); 

Each event involves gameplay that may be broadcast over the internet or other media and/or  require in-person participation at a specific place. 

All federal, provincial, and local laws and regulations apply.  

Dates, times, registration periods, locations and other details for Te Pae o Tū events will be  posted at www.victory-up.com as they become available. 



Each player is required to meet the following eligibility requirements to be considered a  “Competitor”: 

  • Be the minimum age required to have a full (not underage) Victory Up account in their territory  of residence, and meet the following minimum age requirements as of the time of  registration: 
    • All players - at least sixteen (16) years old at the time of registration
  • Be a legal resident of one of the eligible countries/territories listed in APPENDIX B; 
  • Have a valid Victory Up Account; 
  • Own or have access to the Game on a Supported Platform 
  • Agree to Victory Up’s Terms & Services  located at Victory-up.com (“User Agreement”)
  • Register their valid Victory Up Account for eligibility and accept the Official Rules; 
  • For players competing on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S,  have a valid Xbox gamertag or PSN ID and have connected it to their valid Victory Up Account; 
  • Have a valid Discord account (discord.com);


2.2.1. Rosters & Roster Lock 

Competitors compete in teams of a minimum of  three (3) Competitors (each, a “Team”) who are identified as “Starters’ on the Tournament Site as described in Section 2.3 (each, a “Starter”) and one (1) optional, additional registered Competitor who is slotted into the on the Tournament Site (“Substitute Player”).  

Competitors are required to register for every event with a Team. Competitors may not be a  member of more than one (1) registered Team.  

Competitors may change Teams for an event at any time following the conclusion of a Team’s  participation in any active Te Pae o Tū events.

 The Roster Lock Dates are as follows: 

  • Each Regular Season: the Monday before that week’s event at 5:00  PM NZT  
  • Championship: Wednesday, April 6, 2022 at 5:00 PM Local Time. 

2.2.2. Team Captain 

The Competitor who creates the Team on the Tournament Site (described in Section 2.3)  during the registration process will be deemed the Team Captain. The Team Captain is  responsible for managing the official roster for their Team on the Tournament Site, for accepting ‘request to join’ invites from new players to become Competitors on the Team, and for registering the Team for each event. 

A Team Captain role assignment may be changed by two team members on the Team separately  emailing Victory Up at [email protected] from the email address associated with  their Victory Up Account ID with the Team Captain change request and with the same nomination for a  new team captain. The new captain must be an existing Competitor on the Team. Change is  subject to confirmation by Te Pae o Tū administration. 

2.2.3. Team Eligibility 

If a player on a Team is found to be ineligible prior to or after an event’s Roster Lock Date, the  ineligible player will be automatically replaced with the Substitute Player (if one is designated)  for the event.  

If a player on a Team is found to be ineligible after the start time of the event, the ineligible  player will be removed from the event and the team forfeit all matches in the event. 

For online tournaments, all Competitors are required to physically participate from an eligible  country/territory (described in Section 3.1) for which the Team is registered. 

At least one (1) Starter on a Team is required to be a resident/citizen of New Zealand. 


Teams may represent an organization in TPOT, subject to the following restrictions: 

  • Organisations may have up to 4 Teams. 
  • Competitors and Teams may not represent an organization that may have direct or  indirect operational control of another organization in any TPOT event. Teams are  required to report any potential concurrent organizational conflict to Victory Up.  

Prior to each Regular Season Roster Lock Date, each Team participating in the  Regular Season is required to provide the following by emailing [email protected]

  • Official Team Name (max 16 alphanumeric characters); 
  • Official Team Short (2-4 alphanumeric characters); and 
  • Team logo and authorization for use. 

Te Pae o Tū administration will inform qualified Competitors of any other applicable deadlines and required information.  This information may be incorporated into the broadcast and web coverage of the event.


2.3.1. Process 

To register to be considered for eligibility for the Te Pae o Tū, Competitors are required to register  at https:/victory-up.com (“Registration Site”), fill out the required  fields, and accept the Official Rules. 

In addition, Teams are required to register for each Te Pae o Tū event separately by completing the  following step; by the registration dates noted in  Section 2.3.2: 

  • Sign into account; 
  • Create or join a team for the Te Pae o Tū event
  • Invite Players to team; and 
  • Select ‘Te Pae o Tū’ Season 1 and ‘Join’ through ‘My Tournaments’
  • Read and accept the Official Rules. 

Certain TPOT events may have additional registration requirements in order to participate; see www.victory-up.com for details.

2.3.2. Registration Deadlines 

Registrations close Thursday 3 March 2020 at 9:00pm NZT


Competitors are required to accept the Official Rules on the Registration Site and Tournament  Site to be considered for participation in Te Pae o Tū. 

These Official Rules may be updated by Te Pae o Tū administration  without notice as necessary,  including without limitation, to add further clarity, correct errors, comply with changes in applicable law, or address matters that arise after their publication. 


Victory Up reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify all or part of TPOT if any  fraud, technical failures, act of God, fire, flood, storm, war, public disaster, or other calamity,  strike or labor difficulties, public health emergency, cessation of air travel to a Live Event, or  any governmental or regulatory determination or action, regulation or order, or any other cause beyond Victory Up’s reasonable control whether similar or dissimilar to those enumerated  in this section, or any other factor impairs the integrity or proper operation of TPOT, including the  safety of Competitors or fairness of the TPOT, as determined by Victory Up in its sole discretion.  

Victory Up reserves the right to disqualify any Competitor or Team at any time for any  reason, including without limitation, for tampering with the operation of TPOT, or acting in  violation of these Official Rules. Any attempt by any person to deliberately undermine the  legitimate operation of TPOT may be a violation of criminal and civil law, and Victory Up reserves the right to seek  damages and other remedies (including attorneys’ fees) from any such person to the fullest  extent permitted by law. 

By participating in TPOT, Competitors agree to be bound by these Official Rules and the  decisions of Victory Up, Victory Up, and TPOT administrators. 


Competitors may be required to provide proof of residency in an eligible country/territory to  compete in TPOT. The sufficiency of any such proof or documentation will be determined by  Victory Up (or its agent) in its sole discretion. 


Employees of Victory Up, Ngāti Gaming and its respective affiliates, subsidiaries, representatives, advertising,  promotion and publicity agencies, vendors, and the immediate family members or  persons living in the same household of such employees are not eligible to participate in the  Te Pae o Tū. 


As part of the registration process, Competitors will be asked to provide information such as a  TPOT username, first and last names, Team name, country/territory (and state, if applicable) of  residence, and optional information, such as Twitter and Twitch usernames and chosen  Country/Region of Representation (if different from country of residence). This information may  be used in any leaderboard data created as part of TPOT. The leaderboard will be published on  victory-up.com and updated with point totals on a regular basis, as determined by Victory Up in its sole  discretion. 

Competitor and Team demographics provided during registration or otherwise maintained by  Victory Up, along with gameplay statistics, may also be publicly announced as part of broadcast  commentary during events. For more information about how we may process your personal  information, please see Section 8.1 of the Official Rules. 


3.1. Season Play

Up to 3 seasons will take place throughout 2022.

Each season will consist of 6 Rounds in Total. Minimum series length is 5 weeks. 


3.2.1. Seeding and Groups 

Teams are seeded into groups of ten (10) at the start of each Regular Season.  

Teams are seeded randomly in Season 1.

3.2.2. Format 

Each Split of the Regular Season consists of a up to forty (40) Team double-round robin, with four (4) groups of ten (10) Teams in each Season. Each group will play against every other group in their Season twice in a six (6) match series over the course of the five (5) week season. 

Teams accumulate points in each match as described in APPENDIX C5.1. At the end of each  match series, Teams in each series are ranked by Round Score and are awarded points toward  their Regular Season standings (“Placement Points”) as described in APPENDIX C5.4. A  Team’s total Placement Points earned across all match series in a Regular Season Split  determines the Team’s finishing placement for that Regular Season Split. 

3.3.3. Advancement 

At the conclusion of the Regular Season match series, a Team’s total Placement Points  earned in the Regular Season will determine qualification into: 

  • Season 1 Playoffs: Up to Twenty (20) Teams with highest total points from each Region qualify. 
    • If there are only Twenty (20) Teams in Season 1, only Ten (10) will move to Playoffs

Placement Points will be resolved by the methods described in APPENDIX C6.2. 3.3.4. Pro League Regular Season Team & Competitor Additional Requirements

Competitors and Teams competing in the Pro League Regular Season are required to adhere to  the following:  

  • All Competitors are required to join the "Te Pae o Tū" Discord server before the  start of each Split's Regular Season, after receiving an invitation from Victory Up, and are  required to remain in this server for the duration of each Split they compete in. 
  • All Starters are required to submit photographs of themselves before each Split’s  Regular Season, as requested by Victory Up. 
  • A minimum of one (1) Starter from each Team is required to attend an Online Broadcast Media Day at the request of Te Pae o Tū administration. 
    • Each of these Competitors is required to be available for an interview with the  Te Pae o Tū broadcast crew for at least thirty (30) minutes following the end of the final match Match Day. 
  • All Competitors are required to be in the Te Pae o Tū Pro League Discord server and Team  Voice Channels for the entirety of each of their matches and any  Playoffs events that the Team qualifies for to accommodate the recording and playback  of a Team's voice communications during a match either in an Te Pae o Tū live broadcast or a  post-produced piece of Te Pae o Tū content (“Broadcast Listen In’s”).
    •  All Competitors consent  to the recording and use of their voice communications by Victory Up & Victory Up, including third-parties  authorized by Victory Up, as part of Broadcast Listen In’s. 
  • At least one (1) Starter from each Team is required to attend one (1) mandatory virtual  Player Meeting prior to each Split's Regular Season. Meeting date and time to be  provided by Victory Up at least seven (7) days in advance. 

3.4.1. Winners bracket

The ten (10) Teams with the round’s highest Round Score (as described in APPENDIX C5.1)  will advance to the Finals with Advance Starting Points as detailed in APPENDIX C5.2. The remaining Teams will fall to the losers bracket. 

3.4.2. Losers bracket 

The ten (10) Teams with the round’s highest Round Score will advance to the Finals. The  remaining Teams are eliminated from the tournament. 

Remaining teams will compete in 3 v 3 Arena’s to decide remaining Seeding for Season 2


Competitors may register and compete in the Te Pae o Tū on a Supported Platform using a single  PSN account on the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, a single Xbox account on the Xbox One or  Xbox Series X|S, a single EA account on PC and a single account on Nintendo Switch. The PSN account and Xbox account for their respective platforms may share a single Victory Up account. 

Any Live Events will be available on the PC platform only.  


Match Rules can be found on each individual tournament. These are the official Match Rules for this Tournament. By Signing up/Joining the tournament you have agreed to the ruleset.


Victory Up Accounts, the leaderboard, and match data may be audited, including for malicious behavior  and cheating. Any Competitor may be disqualified immediately from the Te Pae o Tū and related  competitions, at the discretion of Victory Up or its designees, for any reason, including for any failure to  comply with the User Agreement, Privacy and Cookie Policy, and these Official Rules, including  the Code of Conduct at APPENDIX A, which may include but is not limited to: 

● using any cheats, hacks or other third-party “helper” applications in playing Game  matches; 

● intentionally disconnecting from the Internet during any Game match; 

● colluding with other teams/players in playing Game matches; 

● taking advantage of known exploits in the Game (it is the responsibility of players to  understand and avoid all current illegal exploits); or 

● abusive or disorderly behavior, including any use of harassing, negative, or profane  language online. 

Victory Up, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to disqualify any Competitor or Team at any time, for  any reason, including but not limited to tampering with the entry process or the operation of the  Te Pae o Tū, or acting in violation of these Official Rules or in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive  manner and reserves the right to void all associated entries. Disqualification of a Competitor  may result in the disqualification of the Competitor’s entire Team from an Te Pae o Tū event or the  entire Te Pae o Tū. Victory Up’s failure to enforce any term of these Official Rules shall not constitute a  waiver of that provision. 


Prize amounts for events that award prizes are detailed in APPENDIX E. 


Prizes are not transferable. No substitution of prizes for other goods and services is permitted,  except that Victory Up reserves the right to provide a substitute prize of approximately equal or greater  value if the advertised prize is unavailable or not allowed by local law. For winning Competitors  with a place of residence in Uruguay, prizes will be awarded in the form of a gift card(s) instead  

of cash. All federal, state, provincial and local taxes, and international tariffs, are the sole  responsibility of the individual winner. 

Potential winners will be required to complete and sign a Prize Winner Declaration and Release  to claim a prize within ninety (90) days of completion of the event in order to claim the prize. If a  potential winner fails to sign and/or return the Prize Winner Declaration and Release, refuses  the prize, is ineligible to accept the prize, or the prize is returned as undeliverable, the potential winner forfeits the prize.  

Failure to communicate banking information or delivery method to prize distribution vendor in a  timely manner may result in forfeiture of the prize. If a potential winner is considered a minor in  his or her territory of residence, the winner's parent or legal guardian (as required by law) will be  required to sign all necessary documents upon verification of identification. Receiving a prize is  contingent upon compliance with these Official Rules. All prizes claimed in accordance with  these Official Rules will be awarded. In the event a potential winner is disqualified, or the prize is  forfeited for any reason, Victory Up retains the discretion to donate the applicable prize to a charity of  Victory Up’s choosing. Potential winners may be required to provide a valid shipping address to claim the prize. Allow up to three (3) months for delivery of prizes. 

In the event Victory Up cancels or suspends Te Pae o Tū pursuant to Section 2.4 above, prizes will be  awarded for all events prior to such cancellation or suspension.  


Nothing in these Official Rules shall be deemed to exclude or restrict any Competitor’s statutory  rights as a consumer.  


By participating in the Te Pae o Tū, Competitors acknowledge that Victory Up will process their personal  information (including name, address, date of birth, Victory Up Account Name, email address,  Supported Platform username, country of residence) in accordance with the Privacy and Cookie  Policy for the purposes listed therein. If Personal information has been collected from  Competitors by an organizing entity, Competitors agree to the organizing entity transferring such  information to Victory Up.

Personal information will be used and processed as described in the Privacy and Cookie Policy,  including, but not limited, for the purposes of: 

● Organizing, running, and monitoring the Te Pae o Tū and prize fulfillment, including for  Competitors that win a prize, publishing Competitor names and countries of residence  online or in any other media in connection with the Te Pae o Tū, as described further below;  

● Announcing player and team demographics, along with gameplay statistics, as part of  event broadcast commentary;  

● Sharing information with designated Te Pae o Tū operators and/or administrators, including for  booking travel and soliciting feedback on the Te Pae o Tū, gameplay and features of Victory Up game  titles; and 

● Promotional and marketing materials (such as Broadcast Listen In’s) that may reference  player information). 

Personal information will be processed in New Zealand or any other country in which Victory Up, its  subsidiaries, or third-party agents operate. By entering the Te Pae o Tū, Competitors consent that  their personal information may be transferred to recipients in New Zealand and other countries that may not offer the same level of privacy protection as the laws in their country of  residence or citizenship, as further explained in the Privacy and Cookie Policy.  

Competitors have the right to access, withdraw, and correct their personal information.  Competitors may request such action by emailing our Privacy team on [email protected] using Subject header 'Personal Information Request'.

Please note that we may request background investigations for Competitors that we invite to  Live Events. We may request Competitor consent and provide details about such investigations  if applicable and necessary. 

The organizing entity for Te Pae o Tū, if applicable, shall be considered a data controller for the  database containing the Personal Information submitted by Competitors. Please refer to the  privacy policy of such organizing entity for details regarding how your data is processed and  your rights with respect to it.  

Applicability of User Agreement and Privacy and Cookie Policy: If there is any conflict  between these Official Rules and the Privacy and Cookie Policy or the User Agreement, then  the Privacy and Cookie Policy or User Agreement, as applicable, will control. 


WINNER’S LIST: Victory Up will post a winner’s list online after all winners are confirmed two (2) weeks  after the end of Te Pae o Tū event on associated business social media. This list will remain after the end of the Te Pae o Tū.  

7.2.1. Competitor grants Victory Up the right to publish and otherwise use Competitor’s statistics  and rankings in connection with Te Pae o Tū for any purpose, including for marketing and  promotional purposes, without consent or compensation to Competitor. 

7.2.2. By accepting a prize, Competitor grants to Victory Up the right to use their personal information  and any other information provided by Competitor, without further consent or compensation to  Competitor, for the administration, marketing, and promotion of Te Pae o Tū, Victory Up, and/or the  Game, unless otherwise noted below:

● Background info: Full name, country/territory of residency, age, Supported Platform  Usernames (e.g., Xbox Live Gamertag, PSN ID, EA Account ID) 

● Social Media info: Twitter handle, YouTūbe channel, Twitch account, Discord Username,  Instagram username 

● Photos: Any photos provided by Competitor to Victory Up or photos of Competitor taken onsite  at a Live Event  

● Other Information for tournament administration only: Shirt size, dietary restrictions,  mobile phone number 

● Any other biographical information provided by the Competitor (e.g., favorite Legend, short  bio provided during registration process on Tournament Site) 



Victory Up’s decisions will be final and binding on all matters related to Te Pae o Tū.  


To the extent permissible by local law, Te Pae o Tū is governed by the laws of New Zealand and all claims must be resolved in New Zealand. 


To the extent permissible by law, Competitor agrees to release and hold harmless Victory Up  and its agents from any and all liability or any injury, loss, damage, right, claim or action of any  kind arising from or in connection with the Te Pae o Tū or any Te Pae o Tū-related activity, or the receipt,  acceptance, possession, use or misuse of Victory Up-provided travel or any prize won. 


All commercial rights (including without limitation any and all marketing and media rights)  relating to Te Pae o Tū are reserved by Victory Up. 

Competitor shall not associate themselves with Te Pae o Tū and/or Victory Up in any commercial manner, nor  use any intellectual property rights of Victory Up, nor shall they permit any third parties to do so, without  the prior written consent of Victory Up, which may be granted or withheld at Victory Up’s sole discretion. 

Any Competitor or a Competitor’s sponsor wishing to engage in any promotional or marketing  activities with respect to Te Pae o Tū, including at any Te Pae o Tū tournament venue, will need prior written  consent from Victory Up, which may be granted or withheld at Victory Up’s sole discretion. 

The recording and dissemination of images or footage of Te Pae o Tū for commercial purposes by or  on behalf of Competitor is strictly prohibited, except when explicitly authorized by Victory Up. 


Victory Up is not responsible for: 

  1. Inaccurate information, whether caused by entrants, typographical  errors, or by equipment or programming associated with the tournament; 
  2. Technical failures,  including without limitation network malfunctions, interruptions, or disconnections; 
  3. Unauthorized intervention in the entry process or the tournament; 
  4. Technical or human error in  the administration of the tournament or the processing of registrations; 
  5. Late, lost,  undeliverable, erroneous, damaged or stolen mail or electronic communications;
  6. Ineligibility  for any reason, including entrant’s misunderstanding of the Official Rules and requirements or  the entry process.


This Code of Conduct applies to all Competitors at all levels of the Te Pae o Tū unless otherwise  specified. Victory Up reserves the right to levy penalties, sanction or disqualify any Competitor for  violations of this Code of Conduct in its sole discretion. 

A1. Competitor Behavior 

Competitors must conduct themselves in a reasonable manner, maintaining an appropriate and  respectful demeanor to spectators, members of the press, tournament administrators, and to  other Competitors. 

Competitors are required to conduct themselves in accordance with commonly accepted  standards of decency, social conventions and morals, and to not commit any act or become  involved in any situation or make any statement which brings disrepute, contempt, scandal,  ridicule, or disdain to the Competitor, Victory Up, the Te Pae o Tū or to its Competitors and sponsors. 

These requirements apply to live, offline, and online interactions, in and out of Te Pae o Tū,  including with respect to social media conduct and activity on live streams, past conduct and  during Live Events. All Competitors are expected to adhere to these standards of sportsmanship  and the Victory Up Rules of Conduct, available at https://victory-up.com, at all times, including when not  participating in Victory Up sanctioned events. 

  • Prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited to:  
  • Violating any law, rule or regulation, as determined by Victory Up in its sole discretion; 
  • Using any software or program that damages, interferes with or disrupts the Te Pae o Tū or  another's computer or property; 
  • Using any external software designed to give the competitor an unfair advantage; 
  • Interfering with or disrupting another player's participation in the Te Pae o Tū;
  • Harassing, threatening, bullying, engaging in hate speech, repeatedly sending unwanted  
  • messages, including making personal attacks or statements about race, gender, sexual  orientation, religion, heritage, etc.; 

● Using vulgar or offensive language; 

● Abusive behavior, including harassment and verbal threats; 

● Publishing, posting, uploading distributing content, or organizing/participating in any  activity, group or guild that Victory Up (acting reasonably and objectively) determines is  inappropriate, abusive, hateful, harassing, profane, defamatory, threatening, hateful,  obscene, sexually explicit, infringing, privacy-invasive, vulgar, offensive, indecent or  unlawful;

  • Using exploits, cheats, undocumented features, design errors or problems in the Te Pae o Tū;  Selling, buying, trading or otherwise transferring or offering to transfer an Victory Up Account,  any personal access to Victory Up services, or any Victory Up content associated with an Victory Up Account,  including Victory Up virtual currency and other entitlements, either within an Victory Up service or on a  third party website, or in connection with any out-of-game transaction, unless expressly  authorized by Victory Up; 

● Playing on behalf of another Competitor, or allowing someone else to play on  Competitor’s behalf, in any competitive game mode; 

● Gambling, including betting on the outcome of Te Pae o Tū matches; 

● Disclosing any confidential information provided by Victory Up or any of its affiliates;

● Accepting or giving gifts, bribes, rewards, or compensation for services that are rendered  in connection with competing in the Te Pae o Tū (with an exception for Competitors with  sponsors who pay them based on their performance); 

● Causing or contributing to scandal, reputational harm or risk to the integrity and  reputation of the Te Pae o Tū or Victory Up; 

● Engaging in any other activity that disturbs the professional, fair, and respectful gaming  environment of the Te Pae o Tū; and 

● Promoting, encouraging or taking part in any prohibited activity described above. 

A2. Live Event Conduct 

Competitors must maintain an appropriate level of respect, in Victory Up’s sole judgment, towards other  Competitors, referees, officials, event staff, and tournament administrators. Threatening or  inappropriate behavior towards the referees and the other Competitors will not be tolerated.  Incidents and punishment will be identified at the sole discretion of the Te Pae o Tū Officials or Victory Up.  Competitors must follow the instructions of Te Pae o Tū officials or Victory Up at all times. 

Examples of prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited to: 

● Using vulgar or offensive language; 

● Abusive behavior, including harassment and verbal threats; 

● Physical abuse, fighting, or any other threatening action directed at any Competitor,  spectator, official or any other person; 

● Damage and/or abuse to game devices, hardware, and peripherals, tournament  equipment, or the facility/venue/lodging; 

● Interfering with or interrupting the broadcast or broadcast production; 

● Interfering with gameplay, including purposely breaking a game station, interrupting a  power supply, leaving a station before the conclusion of a match, refusing to play, and  abuse of in-game pausing; 

● Failure to cooperate with safety and security requirements, such as metal detectors and  bag searches; 

● Failure to follow instructions given by tournament sponsors, referees, and security  personnel; 

● Logging in to the provided game devices with a personal account or playing any game  other than the copy of the Game provided for use in the tournament; and 

● Failing to be available for any post-tournament awards ceremonies, interviews, and the  entirety of a Live Event or online tournament, as well as any promotional activities  reasonably requested by Victory Up or other sponsors. <.p> A3. Collusion and Match-fixing Policy 

 A3. Collusion and Match-fixing Policy 

Any action or agreement to disadvantage other Competitors, one’s own Team, or other Teams  in the Te Pae o Tū, to predetermine the outcome of a match, to try to lose a match, to affect the  fairness of the Te Pae o Tū, or to limit efforts to win a match is strictly prohibited.  

Any Competitors determined by Victory Up to be violating this rule at any phase in the Te Pae o Tū may be  removed from the Te Pae o Tū. Such Competitors may be forced to forfeit or return any compensation  and/or prizes and may have their Victory Up and/or Game accounts suspended. 

Examples of prohibited conduct include, but are not limited to: 

  • Intentionally losing a match for any reason at any time during the Te Pae o Tū;
  •  Playing on behalf of another Competitor, including using a secondary account, at any  time during the Te Pae o Tū; 
  • Any form of match-fixing;
  • “Soft play,” defined as a Competitor not giving their best effort or not taking reasonable  and fair actions to gain advantages against their opponent(s) in a match; 
  • Agreeing to split prize money among two or more Teams; and 
  • Allowing an opponent to score more or less points than they normally would in order to  impact the rankings. 

A4. Live Event Drug & Alcohol Policy 

Competitor use of alcohol or drugs is prohibited on any Live Event premises, and Competitors  may not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while participating. 

Smoking, including the use of e-Cigarettes and vaporizers, is prohibited at any Live Event  except in designated areas. Some event venues may ban smoking entirely. 

A5. Live Event Dress Code 

Competitors must wear attire appropriate to the circumstances (as determined by Victory Up). 

Competitors shall not wear, carry or bear any items of a political nature, or which in Victory Up’s opinion  cause controversy or reflect unfavorably upon Victory Up, its partners, or Te Pae o Tū. 

Competitors shall not carry out any promotional activity or marketing of brands and services, in  connection with Te Pae o Tū unless otherwise approved in writing by Victory Up. 

A6. Penalties 

Violation of any part of these Official Rules may, at Victory Up's discretion, result in penalties,  disqualification, change of match results, loss of winner status and/or forfeiture of prizes. All  decisions and rulings of Victory Up relating to Te Pae o Tū are final and binding. Victory Up reserves the right to  penalize any Competitor in the Te Pae o Tū at any level, at any time for any reason. Penalties may  include, in no particular order, the following: 

● Warning 

● Final Warning 

● Reprimand 

● Forfeiture of single match 

● Forfeiture of all matches 

● Reduction in Match Score 

● Loss of awards (including prize money and paid travel expenses) 

● Loss of points 

● Suspension from the Te Pae o Tū 

● Disqualification from the Te Pae o Tū and future competitions. 

● Forfeiture of any registration fees to participate in an event 

● Loss of future prize money 

● Temporary or permanent suspension from the Te Pae o Tū 

● Suspension of one or multiple game accounts for the Victory Up service(s) used by the  Competitor 

Victory Up also has the right to publicly announce penalties that have been levied on Competitors, and  such Competitors waive any right of legal action against Victory Up, and/or any of its affiliates. 

A7. Competitor Sponsorship 

Competitors in Te Pae o Tū may acquire and work with promotional sponsors. Promotional  sponsorship is limited, however, to exclude certain categories and industries. If the promotional 

sponsor falls under one of the below categories, the Competitor may not display or promote the  sponsorship in conjunction with Victory Up, its partners, or the Te Pae o Tū.  

Subject to these Official Rules and Victory Up’s right in its sole discretion to prohibit, reject, remove,  blur or obscure any mark, logo or signage, Competitors in the Te Pae o Tū may include the display of  promotional sponsors. Competitors may not display or promote any products or services in  conjunction with Victory Up, its partners, or the Te Pae o Tū that offer or are associated with: 

● Gambling or gambling websites; 

● Alcohol, tobacco, and/or prescription drugs; 

● Apex Coin promoting or selling websites or companies; 

● Firearms or any type of weapons; 

● Pornographic or adult material; 

● High fat, salt, or sugar foods and drinks; 

● Products or services from direct competitors of Victory Up, its partners, and its other subsidiary  brands; 

● Direct competitors of Te Pae o Tū official marketing partners; and 

● Unauthorized game key selling websites or companies. 

The list is illustrative and non-exhaustive. Victory Up reserves the right to add or remove any product or  service from the list at any time without notice. 

A8. Stage and Player Names 

Competitors will be asked to select a unique username during the registration process. This  username will be used to identify Competitors during any Live Events. This username can be  the same as their PSN ID or XBL Gamertag, but is not required to be the same. The username  must be unique from other Competitor names and must not be deemed vulgar by Victory Up and its  affiliates. Usernames must not infringe on a third party's intellectual property rights, violate the  law, Victory Up’s User Agreement or a third party's right of privacy or right of publicity.


To be eligible to participate in the Te Pae o Tū, Competitors are required to be a legal resident of one  of the below-listed countries/territories. 



New Zealand 


C1. Regular Season 

In this stage, Teams accumulating points from each match as described in APPENDIX C5.1 and moving on  to a Double Elimination stage (described in APPENDIX C3).  

At the end of the Group Stage, the forty (40) Teams are ranked by the total Match Score earned  across all matches played in the Group Stage (“Group Stage Total Match Score”) and start the  Double Elimination stage as follows: 

- For the Split 2 Playoffs: 

- Twenty (20) Teams with the highest Group Stage Total Match Score start in the  winners bracket; 

- Twenty (20) Teams with the lowest Group Stage Total Match Score start in the  losers bracket round 1. 

- For Championship: 

- Ten (10) Teams with the highest Group Stage Total Match Score start in the  winners bracket round 2; 

- Twenty (20) Teams with the next highest Group Stage Total Match Score start in  the winners bracket round 1; and

- Ten (10) Teams with the lowest Group Stage Total Match Score start in the  losers bracket round 1. 

C2. Scoring 

C2.1. Match Scoring 

At the end of each match, Teams are awarded points for their placement and the Team’s total  number of kills (“Match Score”).  

The points awarded in each match are through: 

(A) Placement: 

1st: 12 

2nd: 9 

3rd: 7 

4th: 5 

5th: 4 

6th – 7th: 3 

8th – 10th: 2 

11th – 15th: 1 

16th – 20th: 0 

(B) Kills: 

1 for each kill 

If a Team misses a match (no Competitors from the Team competed in the match), then the  Team receives a Match Score of zero (0) for that match. 

At the end of each round or match series, a Team’s total points will include the Team’s Match  Scores for all matches in that round or match series (“Round Score”).  

C2.2. Placement Points 

At the end of each round in the Regular Season, Teams in each series are ranked by  Round Score and are awarded points toward their Regular Season standings as described  below. 

C2.3. Playoff Points 

Teams are awarded the following points (“Playoff Points”) based on finishing placement in the  final round of the Playoffs.

(A) Placement: 

1st: 12 

2nd: 9 

3rd: 7 

4th: 5 

5th: 4 

6th – 7th: 3 

8th – 10th: 2 

11th – 15th: 1 

16th – 20th: 0 

(B) Kills: 

1 for each kill 

C3. Tiebreakers 

C3.1. Series Tiebreakers  

In the event two (2) or more Teams are tied in Round Score, the tie will be resolved by the  following, in descending order of priority: 

(A) Single Match Scores  

The Team with the highest Match Score from a single match wins the tiebreaker. 

The highest  single Match Scores may have been in the same or different matches in the round for each tied  Team. 

Example: Team 1 and Team 2 have tied Round Scores of 67. Team 1's highest single  Match Score is 20 points in the first match of the round and Team 2's highest single Match  Score is 22 points in the second match of the round. 

Team 2 would win the Single Match Score  Tiebreaker. 

This is repeated for all matches played in the round until all ties are broken or no  additional individual Match Scores are available. 

Example: Team 1's and Team 2's single  highest Match Score is 20 points in Matches 1 & 3 respectively. Team 1's next highest single  Match Score is 18 Points from Match 3, while Team 2's next highest single Match Score is 15 in  Match 2. Team 1 would win the Single Match Score Tiebreaker. If two (2) or more teams are still  tied after review of Single Match Scores, then ties will be resolved using Single Match Best  Placement.  

(B) Single Match Best Placement 

The Team with the best finishing placement (lowest number) in a single match wins the  tiebreaker. 

These best placements may have been in the same or different matches for each  tied Team. A 1st place finish in a single match is the best possible placement. This is repeated  for all matches played in the round until all ties are broken or no additional individual matches 

are available. If two (2) or more teams are still tied after review of Single Match Scores and  Single Match Best Placement, then ties will be resolved using Single Match Total Kills.  

(C) Single Match Total Kills 

The Team with the highest number of kills in a single match wins the tiebreaker. This is  repeated for all matches played in the round until all ties are broken or no additional Matches  are available. 

Join Tournament

Entries Open

Once entries open tournament is available to be joined on the website. The entry open time is stated on the tournament. Entries will open no earlier than 3 days in advance of tournament start time.


This tournament is for teams only. One player must act as captain and select teammate when joining tournament. Teams may be established prior to trying to join the tournament.

Entry Fee

There is no Entry Fee

Invite on match day

All participants will be sent an invite on Match Day to join custom server. If you have not received the invite by match time, please email [email protected].

How to join as a team?

  1. One team member must create a team on the Victory Up site. Both Competitors must be apart of the same team.
  2. Team captain joins tournament on behalf of the team.
  3. Team captain selects players from team who will participate in tournament.
  4. Once team members and fee are chosen, select Join Tournament and you team will be entered.

The brackets are unavailable as the tournament has been cancelled.