League of Legends 

League of Legends is a co-operative team game where five players work together to capture objectives and outsmart an opposing team trying to do the same.

Success in League of Legends requires teamwork, strategy, communication, creativity and especially their practice and eventual mastery of each champion. 

Like traditional sports League of Legends has roles players must undertake to successfully navigate the game. There are 5 Roles to select from and up to 150 Champions to select making every game unique in its own right.

Team Requirements

League of Legends has 2 Game modes available;

Summoners Rift 

Minimum : 5 Players  

Maximum : 9 Players


Minimum : 3 Players 

Maximum : 5 Players

Schools can choose whether students play from school or from another location. 


League of Legends is a relatively easy game to pick up but hard to master. Because of this reason League of Legends is offered as 2 Divisions.

Division 1 - Open to all League of Legends players of any skill level 

Division 2 - Open to League of Legends players who have never ranked and/or are new to the game with less than 6 Months of playing time.

Match Times and Format

Regular Season is 1 Match per week. With a total of 8 matches being played in the regular season.

Regional Finals is a Best of 3 series with playoffs being played over 6 Weeks.

National Finals are all Best of 3 series including the Championship round.

Games will be played on Wednesdays at 5PM, except for the Wellington region where all games start at 4PM.

Cost per Team

Summoners Rift
The cost per team entry is $175.00+GST NZD.
The cost per team entry is $105.00+GST NZD.

Victory Up will invoice the School directly and not individual students.


There is a multitude of online resources available for League of Legends. You will find something that suits all levels of skills of your players. Victory Ups 'Training for Victory' will be readily available once HSESL starts, and consist of traditional coaching methods to apply to Esports training.

The New Zealand Esports Federation also has a wealth of knowledge available for all manner of Esports that is constantly updated. 



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